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Moz the Monster

A production that’s shrouded in secrecy. The annual wait for John Lewis’ Christmas advert is over and once again, the heart strings are tugged at as we’re told the story of a little boy, Joe, and his growing friendship with an imaginary monster, Moz, who lives under his bed.

Just like every year, you can bring some of the advert to your home with the chance to purchase some of the many products inspired by the ad. Start with the star of the show, a Moz The Monster Toy, the ideal night time companion for the little ones (and grown-ups who are young at heart.)

Ensure your very own little monster is dressed for a good night’s sleep with one of two sets of pyjamas. Both complete with playful glow in the dark detailing, you can choose from the Red Monster Pyjamas or the Blue Monster Pyjamas. Remember, the outfit won’t be complete with the Moz Children’s Slippers!

With their new pyjamas ready, bed time reading will be looming. For that, we’re opting for the Moz the Monster Storybook to make sure every evening is filled with adventure as the children learn all about Joe & Moz’ friendship.

To put your children at ease during the dark Christmas nights, we’d definitely recommend the Starry Sky LED Night Light, as seen in the advert. Whether you’d prefer a starry sky projection or just a subtle bed side light, your little ones can sleep easy in the comfort of this bestselling night light.

Image credit: John Lewis

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