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A Paperchase Christmas

With preparations well under way and festive spirit in the air, your annual Christmas shop is no doubt getting ever closer, if you haven’t been brave enough to do it already. Fear not, as one store takes the reins (no pun intended) in being the one-stop shop for all your Christmas preparation needs. Step forward, Paperchase, and a whole world of Christmas cards, wrapping paper and all the Christmas essentials you’re bound to need very soon.

Who doesn’t have a selection of unused Christmas cards stored away waiting to make their annual appearance? If not, where better to start than making the most of an amazing 3 for 2 offer on all charity Christmas cards? For the commuter than knows nothing but London Underground, you can find this Tube Card or for everyone’s favourite animal lover, how about some dogs dressed in Santa hats?

For those who can’t help but get everyone in the office a card or the children who just have to send everyone in their class one, check out this assortment of 40. Reindeers, penguins and a whole lot of calligraphy, there’s certainly a card for everyone inside there.

The way a present is wrapped says a lot about a person and as newspaper may well be the easy and cheap option, it certainly won’t do this year. Christmas Dinosaurs, glimmering sequins or a classic silver snowball design, make sure your presents have that cutting edge this Christmas.

With the presenting of cards and gifts out the way, it’s time decorate the home with things many would say you don’t need but it’s Christmas, so why not? A Llama Christmas Snow Globe looks great on the fireplace, right?

Christmas can’t be complete without a stocking or two. How about this Gingerbread option? Or for a stocking so appealing you’ll actually want to wear it, try this Fur choice!

If you’re looking to sprinkle a little bit of Christmas around your office, how better to do it than with a variety of trees? Our favourite is the Shiny Rainbow Tree but for something a little more subtle, the Evergreen 1ft Tree works just fine!

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