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Vive la Grand Central!

With the Tour de France proving a fantastic success for Britain, we felt now is the time for us to celebrate the crème de la crème of Grand Central stores. As you may already know, we are home to a number of fantastic French exports, each able to please in more ways than one.

We’d firstly like to introduce you to PAUL. Capable of a quick lunchtime fix or an afternoon indulgence of patisseries and cakes, they really do have something to suit everyone. From a simple ham & cheese to a delightful vegetarian sandwich served in a freshly baked beetroot bread, we’re confident everyone can find a friend in PAUL.

Sweet tooth taking control? Why not try the Éclair Paris Brest – a sensational combination of creaminess and crunchiness? If you’re particularly peckish or looking to treat the family, look no further than the Succès Chocolat Cake – a delectable almond meringue accompanied by a dark chocolate mousse and hazelnut butter cream.

We all know that desserts go to a separate stomach so there’s always room for more. With that being the case, get yourselves over to Crêpe Affaire. Discover a divine selection of the finest crêpes – choose from Nutella, Apple Crumble or why not get adventurous and ‘have what she’s having?’

By now it should be time to burn off all those calories and what better way than to get lost in the fabulous world of Pylones? With a list of product variety as long as anyone’s arm, you’ll be sure to be consumed in a world of Pylones imagination.

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